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The Cinenova Working group are signatories of BDZ / Boycott Zabludowicz, add your name to the list –

Calling on all cultural workers, art institutions and arts press to join us in taking action in solidarity with all Palestinians who are forced to endure horrific daily acts of violent oppression by the Israeli state. BDZ reiterate their demands to boycott the Zabludowicz Arts Trust* and its subsidiaries: the Zabludowicz Collection, Daata Editions, Daata Art Fair, Times Square Space Gallery and the Zabludowicz’ residency programmes. All contracts drawn up with the Zabludowicz Arts Trust are simultaneously contracts drawn up with Tamares Group**. All cultural engagement with the Zabludowicz Arts Trust – from artistic sales to gallery visits, from online promotion to project commissions – are complicit with structural oppression.

*Zabludowicz Arts Trust was founded by Poju Zabludowicz, the founder, major funder, and former director of BICOM. BICOM lobbies the UK government, the main political parties in the UK and the British mainstream media on behalf of Israel. Poju is also founder and director of Tamares Group, a global private investment group with real estate interests that in the past have included illegal settlements on Palestinian land. In 1994, Poju inherited his family arms dealing business and most of the defence interests were sold. Today, it is now controlled through Tamares Group, which continues to invest in Knafaim Holdings Ltd, offering ‘military aircraft maintenance services’ to the Israeli Air Force via various maintenance contracts.