Talk Israel

I went Israel to see for myself, knowing that Israel is a mixed population, in every way, and hoping to … More

Tea Leaf

This film relates to what I’d call the typical Jewish London woman of my generation: growing up in the 60’s, … More

Rootless Cosmopolitans

ROOTLESS COSMOPOLITANS mixes music, family and food to take a wry look at the myth of the Jewish princess and … More

Philosopher Queen

A trip through the psyche of the ‘post Holocaust’ woman. An avant garde musical of musing on the philosophy of … More

Drive She Said

DRIVE SHE SAID is an abstracted meditation on the nature of hope, love and the unknown.

Cheap Philosophy

Esther Kahn…, my alter ego, play’s Blanche Dubois, Stanley Kowalski, and many others as she battles with herself with the … More

Cactus Babylon

The notion of Babylon arose from contemplation of the Tanakh opening it at random the filmmaker found references to wrathful … More

50 50

Set to two themes from Thelonius Monk, 50/50 is about a relationship, a reflection on love gone wrong and duel … More