Uranium Hex

Using a kaleidoscopic array of experimental techniques, this film explores uranium mining in Canada and its destructive effects on both … More


TERMINALS is a stream-of-consciousness collage, which asks us to look at and question the dangers of technological advances and nuclear … More

Serpent River

SERPENT RIVER is the final part of a trilogy (see Uranium Hex and Plutonium Blonde) of anti-nuclear films in which … More

Plutonium Blonde

Is the woman worker at the terminals an extension of the plutonium-decanning monitors, or is she a gem in the … More

Night Dances

This is the age of the Personal Computer the Private Catacomb for the switched-on elite. Its dark doorways are for … More

Lady Lazarus

LADY LAZARUS is a visually woven response to Sylvia Plath’s own readings of her poetry.


This short, named after Sylvia Plath’s last poem, is about the woman who is a daughter; icy, perfected and petrified … More


EERIE is a vertiginous lesbian kiss in a mountain cablecar.


Sandra Lahire’s film uses a combination of live action and rostrum work to comminicate the experience of anorexia and to … More