Shadows of a Journey

SHADOWS OF A JOURNEY was filmed on a ferry going to the Isle of Harris from the Isle of Skye.


A recording of eleven women in order of their age, from a child of 6 months to a women of … More

In Our Hands, Greenham

IN OUR HANDS, GREENHAM uses a video installation to convey women’s struggle against nuclear weapons.

Hey Mack

HEY MACK takes the insistent image of passing trucks, filmed from a pedestrian viewpoint, and sets them against the feminist … More

Deviant Beauty

An androgynous woman’s surreal journey through the carnivalesque, that embodies spectatorship, erotica, sexuality, death and decay.

Clapping Songs

A video which uses slides to isolate and emphasise the actions two girls made while singing traditional clapping songs.

Bed-Time story

BED-TIME STORY questions how attitudes are often placed in our subconscious minds at an early age through ‘childrens stories’