Collection 2




1989, 24mins, Susan Stein

You Got to Move

1986, 80mins, Lucy Phenix

You Be Mother

1991, 08mins, Sarah Pucill

Yesterday Hometown

1994, 03mins, Marion Reichert


1980, 20mins, Gabrielle Bown


1998, 09mins, Roz Mortimer

Words in Action

1985, 35mins, Christine Pearce, Litza Jansz

Women of the Rhondda

1972, 20mins, Brigid Seagrave, Esther Ronay, Humphrey Trevelyan, Margaret Dickinson, Mary Crapps, Mary Kelly, Susan Shapiro

Women Of Steel

1984, 27mins, Sheffield Film Co-op

Women in View

1988, 31mins, Bruna Fionda

Women from South Lebanon

1986, 71mins, Jean Chamoun, Mai Masri

Women for a Change

1987, 28mins, Cinestra Pictures, War on Want

Woman: Who is Me?

1977, 10mins, Judith Keller

Who Takes the Rap – Immigration

1986, 38mins, Lai Ngan Walsh

What Maisie Knew

1975, 60mins, Babette Mangolte


1997, 15mins, Pratibha Parmar

Water into Wine

1980, 13mins, Judith Noble

Watch that Lift

1986, 13mins, Martine Lumbroso

Waste Watchers

1996, 12mins, Leeds Animation Worksho

Warrior Marks

1993, 54mins, Pratibha Parmar

Waking up to Rape

19854, 35mins, Meri Weingarten

Voices from Iraq

1994, 58mins, Miriam Ryle


1988, 15mins, Jennie Russell

Video 28

1988, 20mins, Vera Productions

Veronica 4 Rose

1983, 48mins, Melanie Chait

Veneo Video Viceo

1991, 55mins, Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe

Velo Nero

1987, 13mins, Monica Pellizzari

Uranium Hex

1987, 11mins, Sandra Lahire

True Inversions

1992, 24mins, Lorna Boshman

True Blue Camper

1996, 10mins, Cairo Cannon


1992, 19mins, Myra Paci


1995, 07mins, Charlie Murphy

To Be Silent Is The Most Painful Part

1985, 06minamins, Cheryl Edwards

To Be A Woman

1951, 18mins, Jill Craigie


1993, 03mins, Marion Reichert

Time’s up

1986, 21mins, Cynthia Connop

Time is All There Is

1995, 09mins, Suse Bohse

Through the Glass Celling

1994, 17mins, Leeds Animation Workshop

Three Short Episodes

1980, 10mins, Rachel Finkelstein

Three Jewish Women

1987, 30mins, Jewish Women in London

Those Roads

1994, 09mins, Evelyn Ficarra, Suse Bohse

This Isn’t Wonderland

1981, 57mins, Helen Doyle, Nicole Giguere

There? Where?

1979, 09mins, Babette Mangolte

The Work They Say is Mine

1986, 50mins, Rosie Gibson

The Words/Wounds of Silence

1983, 55mins, Helen Doyle

The White Room

1983, 20mins, El Glinoer

The Week Elvis Died

1997, 15mins, Carol Morley

The Way of the Wicked

1989, 15mins, Christine Vachon

The Tigers Milk-Women of Nicaragua

1987, 30mins, Fiona Macintosh

The Ties That Bind

1984, 55mins, Su Friederich

The Third Woman

1991, 20mins, Mitra Tabrizian

The Story so Far

1994, 39mins, Noski Deville, Rif Sharif

The Smiling Madame Beudet

1922, 35mins, Germaine Dulac

The sluts and Goddesses

1992, 52mins, Annie Sprinkle, Maria Beatty

The Seashell and The Clergyman

1927, 30mins, Germaine Dulac

The Righteous Babes

1998, 50mins, Pratibha Parmar

The Pink

1993, 08mins, Katherine Fry

The Pecking Order

1989, 05mins, Vicky Smith

The Office

1991, 05mins, Debra Robinson

The Mermaids Tale

1991, 19mins, Samantha Moore

The Match that Started my Fire

1991, 19mins, Cathy Cook

The Mark of Lilth

1986, 32mins, Bruna Fionda, I Mack-Nataf, P. Gladwin

The Man who Envied Women

1985, 125mins, Yvonne Rainer

The Lost Garden

1995, 53mins, Marquise Lepage

The London Story

1987, 15mins, Sally Potter

The Invisible Hand

1992, 11mins, Athina Tsoulis

The Impossible Decade

1985, 50mins, Juliet Miler

The Hired Hands

1985, 30mins, Jabeen Siddique

The Happy Gordons

1994, 28mins, Paula Crickard

The Haircut

1987, 10mins, Veronica Martel

The Grass Was Deep

1986, 13mins, Jennie Russell

The Good Wife of Toyko

1992, 52mins, Kim Longinotto

The Female Closet

1998, 60mins, Barbara Hammer

The Father is Nothing

1991, 10mins, Leone Knight

The Electronic Sweatshop

1986, 58mins, Sophie Bissonette

The East is Red, The West is Bending

1977, 20mins, Martha Rosler

The Displaced View

1988, 52mins, Midi Onodera

The Decision

1981, 33mins, Vera Neubeauer

The Death of the Father

1986, 29mins, Jane Harris

The Dancing Silhouettes

1983, 27mins, Felicity Field

The Cutting Edge

1986, 07mins, Gabrielle Bown

The Cold Eye

1980, 90mins, Babette Mangolte

The Circus

1985, 05mins, Ann Barefoot

The Chalet School Revisted

1998, 60mins, Ju Gosling

The Book of Laughs

1993, 40mins, Roberta Cantow

The Body Beautiful

1990, 23mins, Ngozi Onwurah

The Blot

1921, 104mins, Lois Weber

The Arranged Marriage

1986, 05mins, Jazvinder Phull

That Time of the Month

1986, 25mins, Witch


1986, 15mins, Sandra Lahire


1984, 12mins, Margot Nash

Ten Cents

1985, 27mins, Midi Onodera


1991, 07mins, Anne Marie Booresboom

Tea Leaf

1986, 10mins, Ruth Novaczek


1994, 06mins, Samantha Moore

Talk Israel

1992, 23mins, Ruth Novaczek

Syvilla: They Dance to her Drum

1979, 30mins, Ayoka Chenzira

Swollen Stigma

1998, 21mins, Sarah Pucill

Sweet Sugar Rage

1985, 42mins, Sistren Theatre Collective


1990, 25mins, Abigail Child


1913, 13mins, Lois Weber

Stranger Baby

1995, 14mins, Lana Lin


1991, 27mins, Leslie Asako Gladsjo

Spinning Room

1987, 16mins, Prue Waller

Special Delivery

1991, 52mins, Red Flannel Films

Speaking of Nairobi

1986, 60mins, Tina Home


1999, 09mins, Garine Torossian

Space Invaders

1982, 08mins, Judith Barry

Space Dog Assassin

1998, 07mins, Bev Zalcock, Sara Chambers

Song of Ceylon

1985, 51mins, Laleen Jayamanne

Song of Air

1985, 51mins, Merilee Bennett

Someone must be Trusted

1987, 07mins, Christine Roche, Gillian Lacey

Some Protection

1987, 10mins, Marjut Rimminen

Some Ground to Stand On

1998, 35mins, Joyce Warshow

Snakes and Ladders

1987, 59mins, Mitzi Goldman, Trish Fitzsimmons

Slides I-V

1971, 16mins, Annabel Nicolson


1996, 18mins, Vicky Funari

Size ten

1978, 18mins, Sarah Gibson & Suzanne Lambert

Sistren in Photography

1991, 26mins, Aphra Video

Sister in Law

2005, 104mins, Kim Longinotto

Sins of the Father

1996, 16mins, Nuala Harvey

Sink or Swim

1990, 70mins, Su Friedrich

Silent in the Crowd

1991, 13mins, Monika Baker


1995, 21mins, Colette Cullen


1984, 05mins, Nina Sabnani


1995, 10mins, Clio David

Shoot me Angel

1995, 09mins, Amal Bedjaoui

Shinjuku Boys

1995, 54mins, Kim Longinotto

Sheller Shares Her Secret

1994, 07mins, Sarah Turner

She’s Real Worse than Queer

1997, 50mins, Lucy Thane

She Wanted Green Lawns

1989, 04mins, Sarah Turner

She Said

1982, 30mins, Susan Stein

Shadows of a Journey

1980, 20mins, Tina Keane

Shadow Panic

1989, 26mins, Margot Nash


1995, 13mins, Jamika Ajalon

Sex Lies and Religion

1993, 06mins, Annette Kennerley

Serpent River

1989, 30mins, Sandra Lahire

Serious Undertakings

1983, 28mins, Erika Addis, Helen Grace


1992, 17mins, Karen Borger

Separate Skin

1987, 26mins, Deirdre Fishel

Semiotics of the Kitchen

1975, 08mins, Martha Rosler

Seeds of Resistance

1985, 50mins, Juliet Miller

Seed of Sarah

1998, 30mins, Andrea Weiss


1993, 05mins, Colette Cullen, Sarah Myland

Secret Sound Screaming

1986, 25mins, Ayoka Chenzira

Sea Dreams

1982, 17mins, Judith Noble

Scula Senza Fine

1983, 40mins, Adriana Monti

Sari Red

1988, 11mins, Pratibha Parmar

Sapphire and the Slave Girl

1996, 18mins, Leah Gilliam

Salvation Guaranteed

1990, 21mins, Karen Ingham


1994, 05mins, Ali Farrelly

Running out of Patience

1987, 40mins, Chris Brown, Serena Everill

Running Light

1996, 14mins, Lis Rhodes

Rules of the Road

1994, 31mins, Su Friederich


1992, 14mins, Cheryl Farthing

Rootless Cosmopolitans

1990, 20mins, Ruth Novaczek

Ritual in Transfigured Time

1946, 15mins, Maya Deren

Risky Business

1980, 15mins, Leeds Animation Workshop

Rise of the New Eve

1997, 28mins, Siobhan Cleary

Rethinking Rape

1986, 26mins, Jeanne Le Page


1988, 07mins, Clara Van Gool

Remember Me

1992, 10mins, Judith Noble

Reggae Piece

1987, 02mins, Ramona Metcalife

Red Skirts on Clydeside

1983, 40mins, Sheffield Film Co-op


1997, 07mins, Vicky Smith

Rape Culture

1983, 35mins, M Lazarus, R Wunderlich

Rabbit on the Moon

1987, 13mins, Monica Pellizzari

Property Rites

1984, 59mins, Heather Powell


1990, 103mins, Yvonne Rainer

Pretend You’ll survive

1981, 09mins, Leeds Animation Workshop

Positions of Power

1983, 35mins, Delyse Hawkins, Jacky Garstin


1994, 16mins, Mandrika Rupa

Polygamy – Senegalese Style.

1985, 30mins, Sokhna Dieng

Polishing Black Diamonds

1989, 21mins, Susannah Lopez

Plutonium Blonde

1987, 15mins, Sandra Lahire


1979, 20mins, Tina Keane

Pictures On Pink Papper

1982, 35mins, Lis Rhodes

Photographic Exhibits

1984, 20mins, Claire Barwell

Philosopher Queen

1994, 20mins, Ruth Novaczek


1985, 05mins, Abigail Child

Peasant Women of Ryazan (Babi Rianzanskic)

1927, 70mins, Olga Prebrazhenskaya

Out to Lunch

1989, 12mins, Leeds Animation Workshop


1993, 16mins, Tran T Kim Trang

Ooh Life is Juicy

1994, 14mins, Helena Goldwater

One and the Other Time

1990, 05mins, Sarah Turner

On the Threshold of Liberty

1992, 12mins, Heidi Tikka

On Guard

1983, 50mins, Susan Lambert


1951, 106mins, Jacqueline Audry

Often During the Day

1979, 16mins, Joanna Davis

Nuclear Defence ‘Living in a Fool’s Paradise’

1984, 20mins, J Holland, S Fonseca, S Gillie, V Grut

Now Pretend

1991, 10mins, Leah Gilliam


1985, 105mins, Alexandra von Grote


1997, 21mins, Annette Kennerley

No Offence

1996, 12mins, Leeds Animation Workshop

No Longer Silent

1986, 56mins, Lorette Deschamps

No Glove No Love

1991, 1.5mins, Inka Petersen & Anja Schulz


1981, 75mins, Robina Rose

Night Dances

1995, 15mins, Sandra Lahire

Nietta’s Diary

1997, 30mins, Gabriella Romano

Nice Girls Don’t Do it

1989, 13mins, Kathy Daymond

Nice Coloured Girls

1987, 18mins, Tracey Moffatt

Nicaragua, Dream of a Free Country

1983, 60mins, Ginny Stikerman, Kathleen Shannon

New View, New Eyes

1993, 50mins, Gitanjali

Naya Zamana

1996, 10mins, Mandrika Rupa


1982, 06mins, Judith Noble

My Feminism

1997, 55mins, Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert

Murders Most Foul

1987, 07mins, Gillian Lacey

Mums the Word

1982, 23mins, Carole Kostanich

Move Over Darling

1993, 16mins, Second Sight

Mouthing Off

1991, 35mins, Leeds Aids Advice


1984, 12mins, Sabina Wynn

Moodeitj Yorgas (Solid Women)

1990, 24mins, Tracey Moffart


1998, 15mins, Rachel Ara


1991, 03mins, Yvonne Welbon

Miss Queencake

1991, 24mins, Amanda Holiday

Mirrored Measure

1996, 07mins, Sarah Pucill

Milk and Glass

1993, 10mins, Sarah Pucill

Meshes of the Afternoon

1943, 18mins, Maya Deren


1989, 10mins, Abigail Child

Memsahib Rita

1994, 20mins, Pratibha Parmar

Memory Tracks

1997, 10mins, Jamika Ajalon

Memory Pictures

1989, 26mins, Pratibha Parmar


1987, 20mins, Abigail Child


1998, 20mins, Annette Kennerley


1992, 03mins, Sarah Rose Bell

Mary, Mary

1998, 09mins, Annie Wright

Marijuana Moment

1999, 02mins, Bev Zalcock


1976, 05mins, Jeanetta Iljon

Man Made Images

1981, 25mins, Rachel Finkelstein

Mama I’m Crying

1986, 52mins, Betty Wolpert, Joyce Seroke


1988, 52mins, Red Flannel Films

Making the break

1995, 46mins, anne marie mcdermott


1978, 15mins, Jeni Thornley

Made in China

1985, 30mins, Lisa Hsia

Mad, Bad Mortal Beings

1992, 18mins, Lumdmilla Andrews

Mad, Bad and Barking

1996, 28mins, Bev Zalcock, Sara Chambers


2000, 26mins, Lucinda Broadbent


1984, 47mins, Verena Rudolph

Love, Women and Flowers

1988, 56mins, Jorge Silva, Marta Rodriguez

Lost in Telespace

1995, 12mins, Colleen Cruise, Fanny Jacobsen

Loss of Heat

1994, 20mins, Noski Deville


1998, 10mins, Miranda Bowen


1997, 10mins, Deva Parmier

Like Mother Like Son

1994, 04mins, Annette Kennerley

Light Reading

1978, 20mins, Lis Rhodes

Liberty, Equality? Maternity?

1985, 32mins, J Holland, S Fonseca, S Gille, V Grut

Lesbian Health Matters

1995, 46mins, Ukele Productions

Lesbian Bed Dead-Myth or Epidemic

1995, 14mins, Stacey Folies

Leila and the Wolves

1984, 90mins, Heiny Srour

Legal Limbo

1985, 30mins, Tish Barry

Le Ravissment

1993, 04mins, Charline Boudreau

Last June 4.30am

1998, 12mins, Suse Bohse

Las Nicas

1982, 45mins, Julia Lesage

Lady Lazarus

1991, 25mins, Sandra Lahire

La Blanchisseuse

1993, 11mins, Rohesia Hamilton Metcalife


1994, 17mins, Tran T Kim Trang

Killing Time

1997, 11mins, Esther T


1991, 24mins, Pratibha Parmar


1997, 20mins, Annette Kennerley

Keeper of the Accounts

1988, 14mins, Lily Markiewiez

Keep Your Laws Off My Body

1990, 13mins, Catherine Saalfield, Zoe Leonard


1978, 50mins, Judith Barry

Just Like Sarah Bernhardt

1992, 07mins, Helena Goldwater

Just Because of Who We Are

1996, 28mins, Abigail Norman Heramedia

Junky Punky Girlz

1996, 11mins, Nisha Ganatra

Judgement Day

1989, 12mins, Victoria Mappleback

Journey of No Return

1994, 23mins, Mitra Tabrizian

Jodie an Icon

1996, 28mins, Pratibha Parmar


1980, 67mins, Robina Rose

Je N’aime Pas Les Crepes Suzette

1994, 20mins, Stephane Jaggers

Is Dad Dead Yet?

1991, 32mins, b. h. Yael


1979, 15mins, Lynne Conroy

Invisible Adversaries

1977, 109mins, Valie Export


1976, 32mins, Caroline Sheldon

International Womens Day

1988, 13mins, Vera Productions

Inside Job

1984, 06mins, Maya Brandt

In the Beginning… Of the End

1985, 60mins, Maj Skadegaard, Renate Stendhal

In Our Hands, Greenham

1984, 40mins, Tina Keane

In Loving Memory

1992, 05mins, Leone Knight

In Lands Where Serpents Speak

1986, 13mins, Janni Perton


1987, 01minmins, Ramona Metcalfe

Impressions of Exile

1985, 31mins, A Florin, C Wilkinson, J Harris

Impact Zone

1996, 10mins, Kadet Kuhne, Sophie Constantinou


1982, 34mins, Julie Dash

I’m You You’re Me

1993, 26mins, Catherine Saalfield, Debra Levine

I’m Not Here

1994, 14mins, Mandrika Rupa

I’m Not a Feminist, But?

1986, 07mins, Marjut Rimminen

I’m in Heaven

1989, 28mins, Jill Daniels

I’m British But

1989, 30mins, Gurinda Chadha

I’ll Be There For All Time

1985, 25mins, Boadicea Films

I Substitute

1985, 13mins, Harriet McKern

I feel Hopeful About the Future

1986, 11mins, Ronna Bloom

I Dish

1982, 16mins, Jayne Parker

I Be Done I was is

1983, 58mins, Debra Robinson


, mins, Martine Thoquenne

How to be a Recluse

1998, 06mins, Laurel Swenson

Hotel Chelsea-Koln

1995, 28mins, Tanya Ury

Homes for the People

1945, 30mins, Kay Mander

Home-Made Melodrama

1982, 55mins, Jacqui Duckworth

Home You Go

1993, 11mins, Colette Cullen

Home Truths

1983, 50mins, Yvonne Baginsky

Home Movie

1975, 10mins, Jan Oxenburg

Home and Dry

1987, 08mins, Leeds Animation Workshop

Hidden Worlds

1991, 30mins, Sara Bowman

Hidden Wisdom

1988, 11mins, Patricia Diaz

Hidden Faces

1996, 52mins, Kim Longinotto

Hey Mack

1982, 15mins, Tina Keane

Hell to Pay

1988, 52mins, Alexandra Anderson, Anne Cottridger

Hang on a Minute

1983, 13mins, Joanna Davis, Lis Rhodes

Hands Off(Blijf Van M’n Lijf)

1984, 18mins, Monique Renault

Guerrillas in Our Midst

1992, 35mins, Amy Harrison

Groove on a Stanley Knife

1997, 42mins, Tinge Krishnan

Greenham Granny

1986, 42mins, Caroline Goldie

Great Dykes of Holland

1993, 07mins, Jennifer Maytorena Taylor

Golden Green

2000, 03mins, Pitbull Productions

Goblin Market

1993, 10mins, Jo Smith

Give us a Smile

1983, 13mins, Leeds Animation Workshop

Girls Own Story

1983, 25mins, Jane Campion

Girls in the Garden

1997, 03mins, Louise Lockwood


1993, 06mins, Carol Morley

Gift of a Girl

1997, 24mins, Jo Smith, Mayyasa Al-Malazi

Gently Down the Stream

1981, 14mins, Su Friedrich

Gay Youth

1992, 40mins, Pam Walton


1979, 5mins, Susan Stein

Fundi – The Ellla Baker Story

1982, 45mins, Joanne Grant

Fully Ordained Meat Pie

1988, 53mins, Gillian Coote

Framing Lesbian Fashion

1992, 59mins, Karen Everett

Four Women

1979, 07mins, Julie Dash


1989, 10mins, Emma Black

For Love or Money

1983, 109mins, Jeni Thornley, Margot Nash, Margot Oliver, Megan McMurchy

For Good

1979, 45mins, Christine Booth


1975, 06mins, Jeanette Iljon

Floating Mass

1999, 05mins, Sophie Outram

Flesh and Paper

1990, 24mins, Pratibha Parmar

Flaming Ears

1992, 83mins, Dietmar Schipek, Hans Scheirl, Ursula Pumer


1996, 06mins, Laurel Swenson

First Communion

1986, 13mins, Martine Thoquenne

First Base

1991, 13mins, Megan Siler

Fireworks Revisted

1994, 09mins, Bev Zalcock

Fine Amour

1994, 13mins, Katherine Fry

Fighting for Peace

1984, 30mins, Irina Dunn

Fierce Detail

1995, 03mins, Helen Goldwater

Faster Princess

1982, 10mins, Martine Thoquenne

Fast Friends

2000, 03mins, Pitbull Productions

Face Value

1981, 19mins, Jo Spence


1991, 42mins, Jill Daniels

Ewa – My Gradmothers Story

1988, 53mins, Harriet Wistrich


1985, 35mins, Women In Sync


1986, 20mins, Pratibha Parmar


1986, 20mins, Catalyst Production, Witch


1998, 22mins, Tran T Kim Trang

Eileen is a Spy

1998, 74mins, Sayer Frey


1992, 01mins, Sandra Lahire


1986, 07mins, Sandra Lahire

Eat The Kimono

1989, 60mins, Kim Longinotto


1974, 04mins, Barbara Hammer

Dyke Blend

1996, 10mins, Eva Weber

Dual Passport

1998, 08mins, Fanny Jacobsen

Drive She Said

1998, 05mins, Ruth Novaczek

Dreaming Blind

1997, 10mins, Anna Turville

Dream Girls

1995, 50mins, Jano Williams, Kim Loginotto

Douglas and the Flour Baby

1997, 11mins, Aimee Jackson

Double the Trouble, Twice the Fun

1992, 24mins, Pratibha Parmar

Domestic Bliss

1984, 52mins, Joy Chamberlain


1993, 07mins, Athina Tsoulis

Disgraceful Conduct

1995, 17mins, Eva Weber

Dinner Party

1994, 12mins, Ali Farrelly


1985, 40mins, Jan Dennis

Dialogues with Mad Women

1993, 90mins, Allie Light

Deviant Beauty

1996, 12mins, Tina Keane


1996, 12mins, Tanya Syed

Dear Rebecca

1992, 15mins, Katie Barlow

Daughter Rite

1978, 53mins, Michelle Citron

Dark Lullabies

1985, 81mins, IL Angelico

Daniella & Nicole

1984, 26mins, El Glinoer

Dandelion (Rosaceae)

1990, 08mins, Utako Koguchi

Daasi (slaves)

1985, 45mins, Jabeen Siddique

Daalda 13

1996, 23mins, Monica Baker

Cultural skitzo-Phrenia

1995, 10mins, Jamika Ajalon

Crops and Robbers

1986, 15mins, Leeds Animation Workshop

Cover Up

1988, 60mins, Barbara Trent


1994, 05mins, Ali Farrelly


1991, 09mins, Chloe Doure Rousell


1994, 08mins, Anne Chamberlain

Come Closer Darling

1993, 03mins, Kate windibank

Coalmining Women

1982, 40mins, Elizabeth Barret


1982, 33mins, Roberta Cantow

Clapping Songs

1981, 09mins, Tina Keane

Choosing Children

1984, 45mins, D Chasnoff, K Klausner

Children of Fire

1990, 50mins, Mai Masri

Cheap Philosophy

1993, 18mins, Ruth Novaczek


1999, 6mins, Gill Addison

Changing Time

1977, 20mins, Lindy Summers


1990, 04mins, Tanya Mahboob Syed


1996, 04mins, Lily Gupta

Catholic Guilt

1986, 05mins, Martine Thoquenne

Catherine et la Sirene

1984, 06mins, Martine Thoquenne

Casual Shopper

1981, 28mins, Judith Barry

Castles of Sand

1987, 20mins, Wendy Williamson


1999, 18mins, Sarah Pucill

Carmen Carrascal

1982, 30mins, Cine Mujer

Captive Labour

1988, 35mins, Karen Ingham

Can’t you take a Joke

1989, 26mins, Viki Dunn

Cactus Babylon

1996, 21mins, Ruth Novaczek

Bureau de Change

1988, 11mins, Anne Chamberlain

Burden of Dykes

1995, 11mins, Anne Chamberlain

Brylcreams Better than Nothing

1997, 20mins, Karol Kamya

Bred and Born

1983, 75mins, Joanna Davis, Mary Pat Leece


2000, 30mins, M Armstrong/ M Maiguashca

Breaking the Silence

1985, 62mins, Melanie Chait

Breaking the Mould

1986, 13mins, A Douglas, A Mannion, D Taylor, K Hagget, S Green

Bread and Dripping

1982, 20mins, Wim Film Collective

Boys in the Backyard

1997, 22mins, Annette Kennerley

Born in Flames

1983, 90mins, Lizzie Borden

Blue Diary

1997, 06mins, Jenni Olson

Bloodsports for Girls

1995, 12mins, Roz Mortimer

Blind Spot

1980, 111mins, Claudia Von Alemann

Bitter Sweet

1993, 16mins, Alice B Brave

Bitter Root-Sweet Fruit

1992, 10mins, Nicola Percy


1977, 53mins, Robina Rose

Bird in the Hand

1992, 30mins, Catherine Saalfield, Melanie Nelson

Binding Love

1985, 29mins, Karen Ingham

Bikini Kill in the UK

1993, 30mins, Lucy Thane

Bhangra Jig

1990, 04mins, Pratibha Parmar

Below the Belt

1999, 13mins, Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert

Bed-Time story

1982, 20mins, Tina Keane

Bathroom Gender

1990, 08mins, Carol Ashley, Kathy Clark


1995, 05mins, Sarah Pucill

Back to Josie

1997, 10mins, Alix Mumford

Back Inside Herself

1984, 05mins, S. Pearl Sharp


1986, 11mins, Patricia Diaz


1996, 36mins, Abigail Child


1994, 11mins, Catherine Saalfield, Julie Tolentino


1991, 15mins, Devika Ponnambalam

Away from the Sidewalk

1985, 30mins, Gold Oruh

Avenge Tampa

1993, 10mins, Dyke TV

At Land

1944, 15mins, Maya Deren


1984, 15mins, Sandra Lahire

Armchair Terrorist

1994, 07mins, Marion Reichert


1999, 07mins, Leah Gilliam


1977, 10mins, Megan McMurchy

Anou Banou

1983, 85mins, Edna Politi

Animation for Live Action

1978, 25mins, Vera Neubauer

And What Does Your Mother Do?

1981, 10mins, Cine Mujer

An Invitation to Marilyn C

1983, 12mins, Jacqui Duckworth

An Epic Poem

1982, 30mins, Lezli-Ann Barrett

Among Good Christian Peoples

1991, 30mins, Catherine Saalfield, Jaqueline Woodson

Almost Out

1984, 103mins, Jayne Parker

All Stressed up

1985, 12mins, Leeds Animation Workshop

All Men are Created Equal

1987, 06mins, Monique Renault

All in your Head

1991, 06mins, Jo Pearson


1992, 16mins, Tran T Kim Trang

Against the Current

1985, 16mins, Hildur Gladwin, Jane Harris, Linda Flint


1994, 11mins, Nancy Diuguid

After the Game

1979, 19mins, Donna Grey

After the Break

1998, 13mins, Annette Kennerley

Adventures in the Gender Trade

1993, 40mins, Susan Marenco

A World of Difference

1997, 12mins, Leeds Animation Workshop

A Tale Part Told

1991, 04mins, Sarah Turner

A Short Film about Us

1996, 07mins, Ramses Underhill-Smith

A Short film about Snoring

1997, 08mins, Darrelyn Gunzberg

A Question of Choice

1982, 18mins, Sheffield Film Co-op

A Prayer Before Birth

1991, 20mins, Jacqui Duckworth

A Place of Rage

1991, 54mins, Pratibha Parmar

A Place away

1989, 10mins, Ellie O'Sullivan

A Matter of Interest

1990, 13mins, Leeds Animation Workshop

A Life in a Day with Helena Goldwater

1996, 20mins, Sarah Turner

A House Divided

1913, 13mins, Alice Guy

A Goat Named Tension

1992, 06mins, Kate Goodnight

A Comedy in Six Unnatural Acts

1975, 25mins, Jan Oxenberg

A Cold Draft

1989, 30mins, Lis Rhodes

8mm Lesbian Love Film

1992, 04mins, George Corzine

8 Million

1992, 25mins, Abigail Child


1995, 07mins, Rosemary Toner

17 Rooms (or what do Lesbians do in Bed)

1985, 10mins, Caz Sheldon

50 50

1997, 05mins, Ruth Novaczek


, mins,