Booking Info

  • All digitised titles can be previewed at LUX, London. 
  • When booking a work please give at least 4 weeks notice prior to the screening date.
  • To book a work we will require: confirmation of the screening date, the preferred format, the number of screenings you wish to hold and a delivery and invoice address. 
  • All distribution is handled from the Cinenova office. 
  • All payment must be made in advance of Cinenova dispatching the work.
  • As well as providing a distribution service Cinenova also offers programming and exhibition advice and a viewing service for researchers and programmers. Please email for details.
  • Please email Cinenova to check which of the titles in this catalogue can be hired and for the hire cost of the title. Fees are determined by the duration of the work, format and usage.

Hire fees*

1 – 30 mins £50
Over 30 mins £120
Over 60 mins £180
Over 120 mins £250

* PLEASE NOTE: individual filmmakers might have higher fees than this so please contact about the specific titles for a quote.

Previewing films:

Anyone wishing to preview works for research purposes only can book a time to view works at LUX. Onsite viewing is strictly by appointment only, bookings must be made at least two weeks in advance and a list of films and videos must be sent in advance. Additionally it is also possible to give access to online previews where available (please note only a small part of Cinenova’s collection is currently available as an online preview though we are adding to this resource all the time). Accounts are strictly for professional research purposes only and are non-transferable. A login, valid for a two week period and offering access to all works currently hosted online, costs £20.

To book a screening, please download and complete our UK or INTERNATIONAL booking form, and send it to A viewing session can also be booked through this email, or to request an online preview login.