AWP Internship at Cinenova

Between the years 2012-2020 Cinenova was supported by Artquest through their Arts Widening Participation Internship Scheme. The AWP internship is for new UAL graduates who are the first in their family to attend a higher education institution and qualify as a (home) UK student. 

Cinenova has been fortunate to work with, Eliza Brady, Jasmine Willett, Rebecca Buckman, Rhiannon Moxham, Elenor Hellis and Nicky Payne through this opportunity and thanks them for their amazing contributions to our ongoing work. Screenings organised as part of the internship placement have included:

Occupying Space in 2017 curated by the AWP interns Becky Buckman and Rhiannon Moxham as part of the the Anti-University Now festivaland.

Upcoming film programme curated by Eliza Brady at LUX – more details soon. 

The Details 

The Internship typically runs over a six month period, two days a week, however this is flexible. The scheme allows new creatives to get into the industry while being paid above London Living Wage, in defined roles set in advance. Final year students apply for the programme before graduation, and take up their role on the September following the end of their course. 

What to expect

As a small collective volunteer-lead charity that distributes an historical collection of feminist film and video, the Intern will learn about all aspects of distribution and collection management. The majority of the role will involve assisting with the day-to-day work of distribution – liaising with those hiring films and video and preparing those materials to be sent out / sent back. They will also have an immediate opportunity to get to know the collection itself. Specifically, they will learn about the various operations that constitute moving image distribution. There will be a significant aspect that is technical assisting with video editing, website updating, marketing. Finally there is scope for several aspects of research including researching filmmakers in the collection and researching several strands of funding, as well as programming/curating their own screening event or other output towards the end of the internship. 

What we are looking for 

Cinenova are looking for an individual with an interest in feminist and intersectional media and moving image practices is essential. An interest in collective and co-operative working models is desirable. Some experience of video editing is desirable though not essential. The position would suit a candidate with a sensitivity towards historical materials and their producers, with a strong attention to detail. Finally an interest in writing copy for website / comms / social media is an advantage.

Continue reading to learn more about Cinenova’s past distribution Interns:

Distribution Intern 2019-2020 

Eliza Brady 

Eliza is a Essex/London based Artist and creative working predominantly in film and performance. Her research revolves around the reproductive female body (pregnant or otherwise) and the systems in place that infiltrate it. Eliza’s work seeks to create an in-between like state that defies and threatens easy categorisation by the patriarchal social structures that govern women’s bodies. Eliza graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts in 2019 and started her internship with Cinenova later that year.

Click here to listen to an audio interview between Cinenova Working Group member Tracy Francis and Eliza Brady.

From the Collection some of Eliza’s favourite films are: 

Bloodsports For Girls (1995) Directed by Roz Mortimer

Clothesline (1982) Directed by Roberta Cantow

I Dish (1982) Directed by Jayne Parker 

Wormcharmer (1998) Directed by Roz Mortimer 

Images Courtesy of Artists

Distribution Intern 2018 – 2019

Jasmine Willett 

Jazz is an Interactive Artist and Museum Educator currently based within the William Morris Gallery and Vestry House Museum as part of the Learning team. Jazz is creating different interactive resources, events and programming that can help diversify the museum sector and make it more accessible. 

Jazz engages most with the works from Leeds Animation Workshop, in particular:

Home and Dry? (1987)

Waste Watchers (1996)

Images Courtesy of Artists

Distribution Intern 2016 – 2017

Rebecca Buckman

Becky is a London based creative currently researching collections and historical objects at Wellcome Collection, alongside freelance creative projects. She graduated from Interactive Design Arts at UAL in 2016. Her current personal areas of interest are researching themes around psychology, spirituality and the holistic human experience. During her time with Cinenova she worked as a team with fellow intern Rhiannon Moxham. 

Films from the collection that stand out for Becky are: 

A Tribute to Black Women (1986) Directed by Ann Carney and Barbara Phillips

Cultural Skit-zo-frenia (1995) Directed by Jamika Ajalon

Emergence (1986) Directed by Pratibha Parmar

Images Courtesy of Artist

Distribution Intern 2016 – 2017

Rhiannon Moxham 

Rhiannon graduated from Chelsea College of Art studying BA (Hons) Fine Art in 2016 and began the AWP Internship at Cinenova in October 2016. Her highlights of being an intern include researching Cinenova’s paper archive and co-curating a film screening at LUX, ‘Occupying Space’, with fellow intern Becky Buckman as part of the the Anti-University Now festival.

Since completing the internship Rhiannon has held roles in visitor services at Tate Modern and worked in the art department and library of Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge. In 2017 Rhiannon attended the Circuit Conductors course led by Wysing Arts Centre and Kettle’s Yard, a training programme for artist facilitators, and has led workshops for young people and families. 

In November 2018 Rhiannon joined Wysing Arts Centre in Bourn, South Cambridge, as Reception/Administrative Assistant, which is her current role now, supporting the operations and programme team. 

Some of Rhiannon’s favourite Cinenova films are: 

A Tribute To Black Women (1986) Directed by Ann Carney and Barbara Phillips

Uranium Hex (1987) Directed by Sandra Lahire

Images Courtesy of Artists

Distribution Intern 2015 – 2016

Elenor Hellis 

Elenor Hellis (B. 1993 UK) is a visual artist living and working in London. Hellis is currently based in ACME studios in Stratford, London. Hellis’ practice deals mostly with her own personal and intimate themes, whether is it examining her own body through a hypernarcist lense, or simulating the visceral surface detail and textures of the body through mix media works.
Hellis has previously worked with Performance and Film to explore re-enactments and gestures that explore her own personal as well as universally shared embarrassment and shame.

Hellis most recent works are exploring the use of fibres to re-create abject surface detail textures of the flesh. Elenor likes to create works that explore the wetness of flesh and tongues and uses pink and flesh colours to recreate the surface of the salivating tongue and bleeding guts.

Distribution Intern 2014 – 2015

Nicky Payne